Thursday, February 10, 2011

S&W M&P vs Glock

S&W M&P vs Glock
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M&P pros:
- Arguably more ergonomically contoured grip and adjustable backstraps (the gen 4 Glocks have adjustable backstraps.  I haven't held one so I don't know how it feels, but I don't like the feel of the older Glocks)
- Can be field stripped without dry firing
- Comes with steel sights vs Glock's plastic sights
- Traditional rifling means you can shoot lead bullets through it, as opposed to the Glock's polygonal rifling
- Ambidextrous slide release
- Beavertail grip prevents hand bite.
- Traditional 1911 style grip angle provides similar feel to other guns

- Smith and Wesson is an American based company if that matters

Glock pros:
- Magazines less expensive
- Greater availability of spare factory or aftermarket parts / holsters
- Longer track record of service
- Shorter, more positive trigger reset (The Apex RAM for the M&P is an aftermarket part that can improve the M&P in this regard).
- Pisses off anti-gunners more
- Glocks are easier to detail strip.  A complete detail strip can be done with just a Glock disassembly tool or equivalent punch.  The M&P requires taking the rear sight off to get at the striker block, and then once you do, there's a spring loaded plate covering it which is easily lost.  The M&P also has an easily lost spring loaded detent under the sear, and an easily lost takedown lever retaining wire connected(but not secured) to the sear block, and on non-thumb safety, non-ILS models there is an easily lost little plastic circle that covers the hole where the thumb safety or ILS would go, and which is not secured when the sear housing block is out.

The M&P is available with an ambi thumb safety on some models.
The M&P comes with a magazine disconnect on most models, which some people may or may not like, but it's easily removable.
The M&P is more likely to auto-forward often when you slam a mag in while the slide is locked back.  If you get the technique right, it will do it every time.  This may or may not be desirable depending on preference.

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