Thursday, February 10, 2011

DIY Kydex links

I read a few forum threads about how easy it is to make custom Kydex holsters and mag pouches and such, and I purchased some gear from and will give it a try when it gets here.

It looks really easy and enjoyable, and you can save a lot of money and time spent waiting for commercial holster vendors to work through their backlog (Currently 16-18 weeks lead time for Raven Concealment, and Kaluban Cloak was about 8 weeks, for example).  And you can choose a lot of different colors or camo patterns for the Kydex, and make gear for rare guns or gun/flashlight combinations that otherwise would be unattainable.  For example, I'm thinking of making a sheath for my cheap Romanian AK bayonet, just for fun.

Some tips I've gleaned from reading a bunch of threads:
- Don't heat the kydex in the same oven you use for food.  It can release toxic chemicals.  Use a dedicated toaster oven.
- If making a holster for a gun with a weapon mounted light, you need to make a jig to cover the trigger guard area.  If you didn't, then the kydex pressed in around the trigger guard would prevent the light from coming out.
- Buying a kydex press is a waste of money, but do get the nice 1 inch thick PVC or neoprene foam from a vendor like knifekits.  Many sources said the sleeping mat foam was not as good.

M4carbine how to make a kydex holster picture tutorial

Kydex pouch for ar-15

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Forming kydex belt loops

Holster tutorial

Big Do it yourself kydex thread

Podcast on getting started with Kydex

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