Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Raven Concealment holster review

Raven Concealment is a maker of modular Kydex holsters.

They're fairly unique in terms of the different options; a holster can be converted between IWB and OWB, and use different types of clips and loops, e.g. to become tuckable.

I ordered a Phantom holster with IWB tuckable soft loops for my government sized Dan Wesson 1911.  It fits well and the retention is good.  When worn as an OWB, it's comfortable and is held very tight to the body, and conceals well for an OWB.  

When worn as IWB with the loops, it conceals well and the tuckable feature works fine.  I did find it to be a bit uncomfortable, with both the holster and the gun's grip poking me a little bit if I moved around.  I do think it might be possible to move it around until I find a position that's comfortable, and get used to it.  

For an OWB it's great, but for comfortable all day IWB, I think something leather, especially with a leather body shield like the Crossbreed SuperTuck or Comp-Tac MTAC would be better.

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